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Panama Gesha, 150g (Rare & Acclaimed)

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Rare & Acclaimed 

Tasting Notes: Jasmine, White Peach, Raspberry Compote

Plinio Ruiz’s family have been in Panama since they moved from France to work on the Panama Canal in 1880. In 1914, the first Ruiz farm was created, and since then they have been known for their exceptional lots. Alongside being one of the earliest gesha farmers, Plinio is also the president of one of the most prestigious coffee competitions in the world: Best of Panama.

Before his tenure, his coffee would often appear in the highest rankings of the competition, even winning in 2011. This lot from the Ruiz family give the cup a bright and complex nature, with deep traditional gesha notes of florality and berry sweetness. The gesha on Plinio’s farm was planted with three pounds of seeds from the original gesha found on Hacienda Esmeralda.

When Ruiz received the seeds, he carefully nurtured the saplings until, eventually, gesha came to take over much of his farm. What makes the cultivar special is that, in coffee, few cultivars express such distinct and delicious flavours. The combination of floras and fruity sweetness creates a cup like nothing that’s come before it.


Producer: The Ruiz Family Farm / Mill

Name: Berlina

Location: Boquete

Altitude: 1,600 masl

Process: Natural

Cultivar: Gesha

Harvest Period: February to March

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