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Gianduja chocolate spread

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A top winner of the Great Taste Awards, with 3 Gold Stars, this Gianduja is capable of stopping people in their tracks.

Whilst originating in the same land as Nutella, the two products could not be more different: this is the aristocrat of chocolate spreads, free from palm oil and with an incredibly simple ingredient list. The alchemy comes from the understanding of the raw materials and the resulting balance created through their careful and skilful processing.

Using cacao beans from Central America and Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts (from Piemonte), the hazelnuts are stored in their shells until needed to carefully preserve their quality and flavour. They are then roasted and ground to a paste before being blended with the cacao and other ingredients to create a silky-smooth texture that is perfectly balanced.

The magic of this product is in its simplicity and the quality of the raw ingredients which are then masterfully manipulated. It should really come with a warning as, once tasted, it is hard to put down.

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